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In common with most motoring clubs, Northants MG Owners’ Club produces its own magazine: “More Graffiti” The magazine, published monthly, is designed, edited and printed in house.

Prior to early 2011, the magazine was only produced in ‘hard copy’ and posted to all members. With the greater use of email and the ever-increasing cost of print and postage, the club sought and received agreement to produce an electronic version of the magazine or E-zine which would then be emailed to those members happy to receive and view the magazine in that format. Those members who wished to continue receiving a ‘hard copy’ or didn’t have access to email are still catered for and a small print run is produced each month and posted out.

By producing the magazine in this way, the club is presented with a number of key benefits:

  • Our ‘hard copy’ magazine used valuable resources like paper and toner as well as the ever-increasing cost of postage. The printed magazine is also set at a fixed size which restricted the quantity of information, articles and photographs.
  • The E-zine is emailed to members and supporters locally and globally each month and has no restrictions as to cost or environmental implications!
  • Produced in pdf format, the E-zine is a cross-platform publication that can and is, viewed not just on desktop computers but also tablets and smartphones.

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