2021 Rose of the Shires

Up-date 6th January 2021

A on-line meeting of the club’s committee was held on the evening of 5th January 2021. This meeting was planned before the Government’s announcement about a further lockdown on Monday evening.

During the meeting, and after extensive conversations the committee decided to postpone the Rose of the Shires Run planned for May 16th 2021 until May 15th 2022.

The reasoning for this decision was the uncertainty, that by May, an event such as the Rose of the Shires would be allowed, The venue for the proposed start and finish is not currently open and may not be until well into March so leaving little time to find another venue if necessary.

We will start, as soon as we are able, planning for the Rose of the Shires to be held on May 15th 2022.

If the situation changes during the year and runs can be arranged then we would plan to hold a small club only event along the lines of the Rose of the Shires, ie a run of 60 plus miles around the county, but without the attendance of other clubs and entrants.

This is regrettable, but the committee felt that is was best to make the decision early rather than having to pull the event close to the planned date.

The Rose of the Shires WILL be back in 2022, put May 15th 2022 into your diaries.